If you want to buy secondary materials just one time or in a continuous basis, we are here to assure your supply

With just accessing our platform, buyers can search the materials needed for their production. UpMaterials platform with its algorithms will show you the best material that matches your requirements. Information like chemical analysis, flow, physical properties are available. Once we find what you need, we prepare a first contact between sellers and buyers with or without disclosing the identity of each one, that is up to your wishes.

If you want to sell wastes, whether you are a big producer industry or a small business, we have a solution for your secondary materials.

Constant waste stream

If your waste stream is constant, you just need to upload in our platform the information of how much per month do you have and what. The waste stream can vary from agro-industrial waste to construction demolition debris.

Variable waste stream

If you are a small business and your wastes depend on different factors, then we have smart sensors which will be placed in your wastes’ bins to have a live track of the volume and to know when and where the buyer can pick them up.

The smart sensors are connected to a Internet of Things (IoT) server and this data is sent to the platform where will be displayed, buyers will be able to find there these secondary materials. This collected information is private, we will not publish the source of the wastes to maintain your privacy. It will only be displayed an approximate area around the place where is located.

One time waste management

If you have some disposals you can also contact us and we help you to give a good use to these precious resources.

“In the end, the term ‘circularity’ may just be one way to make us aware that we need a more encompassing, integrated and restorative sustainability path that includes people as much as technology and nature.”

? Michiel Schwarz